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This article was written on 01 Feb 2013, and is filled under Projects.

Daily Trojan Work

I entered USC as a junior in the Spring of 2013 as an English Literature/Philosophy major to fulfill a promise to my mother by completing my Bachelor’s degree. There are an infinite amount of paths to success in life, but the most orthodox of these entails finishing your college education and having a degree to fall back on. I was never one for orthodoxy, but here we are.

When I went back to school at USC, I swore to myself that I would make the most of my time there. What I initially meant was that I was going to basically axe-murder every single course and have my transcript tippin’ on fo-fo’s, wrapped in fo’.0′s. I was going to eat a little bit, enjoy life a little bit, but mostly focus on doing school and getting solid A’s, then contemplate my options; doctoral, law school, ESPN, Peace Corps.

In anticipation, I applied for a job at The Daily Trojan. I initially signed on hoping to make a couple bucks working to help pay for some decent food and maybe some drinks here and there. Boy, was I wrong. I found out about a week before school started that The Daily Trojan was basically an unpaid gig. Not going to lie to you, I was ready to drop the job right then and there because I preferred a job that gave me a little money. I wasn’t ready to whore out my services for free.

Then something happened.

I thought back to the days when I would write these great big food reviews and dream one day of travelling everywhere, eating everything, writing about it in a way only I could and basically living a life doing something I love. I remembered how much I enjoyed eating, how much I enjoyed criticizing. And now I was armed with a much finer attention to detail than I’ve ever had in my young life, with an opportunity to hone those senses and to push my descriptive skills to the outer reaches.

And so I began work for the Daily Trojan. You can find my work just browsing, but here’s a couple links to the pieces where I put forth some notable effort:



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